Rome and surroundings

Tivoli with Villa D’Este
and/or Hadrian’s Villa. Tivoli has been a popular summer resort, 20 miles east or Rome with its famous waterfall formed by the Aniene river, feeder of the Tiber. Villa D’Este was originally a Benedictine convent transformed by the architect Pirro Ligorio in a beautiful example of Italian Villa with terraced gardens embellished with fountains designed by Giacomo della Porta and the bicchierone fountain designed by Bernini. On 4 hours basis

Hadrian’s Villa designed around year 120 A.D. and discovered in the 16th century, this open air museum represents the reproduction of Hadrian’s favorite architectures from Greece and Egypt and was the summer palace retreat of the emperor. On 4 hours basis

For both visits, on 6 hours basis


Ostia Antica, the ancient Port of Rome. It’s quite well preserved, gives a complete picture of life under the Roman Empire similar for some extent to the town of Pompei frozen in time by the ashes. You can follow the different layers of the city, the organization of the streets, the firehouse, the baths, the theatre and you can feel the real life of the Romans with the thermopolia like the nowadays cafeterias. 4 hours with departure from Rome.

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