Christian Rome

Vatican museums with works of art by Perugino, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, the teachers of the early Renaissance, just to mention a few. Raffaello’s rooms with the impressive frescoes among which we have the famous School of Athens, the Sistine Chapel with its most celebrated frescoes by Michelangelo, the vault with the creation and the last judgment with its breathtaking representation on 3 hours basis.

Vatican Tour

Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel (see above) and S. Peter’s church, with the Pietà by a young Michelangelo, the bronze 13th century statue of St. Peter and the altar realized by the most known baroque artist of the 17th century, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Only the Pope can celebrate on this altar and underneath the relics of the first Pope ever, St. Peter. On 4 hours basis

Christian Tour

Main basilicas of Rome with S. John, the cathedral of Rome, mother of all churches that in the middle ages was the residence of the Popes. The Borromini’s interior dates from the 17th century and reflects the baroque style. Saint Mary Major, with its beautiful Cosmatesque marble floor, the coffered ceiling dating from the renaissance, the Romanesque bell tower, finds its origins in the legend of the snow that goes back to 356 A.D. during the papacy of Pope Liberius. S. Paul outside the walls with the medallions representing all the Popes we’ve had so far. The fine marble canopy over the main altar designed by Arnolfo di Cambio by the end of the 13th century and on its right is the Paschal candlestick by Pietro Cavallini. The church nowadays is s faithful reconstruction of the 4th century basilica destroyed by a fire in 1823. The Catacombs, the underground Christian cemeteries outside the city walls, digged into volcanic tufa with the dead placed in niches.
On 4 hours basis

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